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how to care for wool



Our Australian wool blends have been treated to prevent shrinkage, making them perfectly safe to cold hand or machine wash. Irrespective of the method, it is recommended that garments are turned inside out for laundering. This will prolong the “as new” surface appearance of the garment.

Check the garment’s care label for ‘machine-washable’ with a Dobsons label – two signs you can put your knit in the washing machine with confidence.

Wash your woollens inside out and be sure to use a mild wool detergent.

After Washing


Wet wool stretches easily so do not hang wet knitwear on a hanger or clothes line.  Machine-washed knitwear should be shaken, reshaped and placed in shade, laid flat to dry.


Pullovers should be gently folded and kept flat in drawers or on a shelf. Never store your pullover on a hanger.

When packing up winter woollens for summer, make sure they are freshly washed before being placed in an airtight container.


Most of our wool garments do not require ironing, but very smooth fabrics such as pure wool Blazers may look better if dry cleaned and pressed. Always use steam when pressing wool. Set your iron on the wool setting and avoid ironing the fabric when it is totally dry.


Since food stains and body oils attract moths, you should ensure your wool garment is clean before packing it away in airtight bags or containers. Ideally use a Woolmark-endorsed moth repellent but do not place directly on the garment.  The best way to keep your woollens safe is to use a Wool-endorsed moth repellent near, but not touching your pullover. A little care goes a long way.

All Dobsons uniforms are rigorously tested for faults before and after production.  If you have any questions or comments about our products, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Hints & tips to care for your uniform

Water Temperature – It is recommended that all colours should be washed in cold water.

Bleach / Enzyme Detergents – Should be avoided, particularly dark coloured or soft wool garments that feature embellishments like embroidery.

Laundry Detergents – Should be soft on clothes.

Soaking – Should be avoided for coloured or items bearing coloured embroidery.

Tumble Drying – Do not over dry your clothing. Over drying causes your colours to fade, increases wrinkling and shrinkage.  Please refer to garment labels for specific directions or warnings of ‘do not tumble dry’.

Flat Dry – It is recommended that garments such as soft wool ‘itch free’ pullovers should be flat dried in shade to avoid stretching and discolouration. Dobsons recommend to dry in the shade to avoid UV bleaching.

Garment Labels – Please follow washing instructions attached to each garment.

Our Guarantee – Our garments have been tested to withstand rigorous standards and we guarantee your uniform will perform if our care instructions are followed correctly.  Our fabrics are rigorously tested for imperfections, durability and colour consistency.  Not only do our products meet the highest standards, our garments are regularly tested independently and reviewed by our quality control team to ensure all garments are delivered with care.